Senior citizen got all busted up after a brawl with Ah Lian neighbour



CCTV video which was posted on Facebook showed two neighbours in a brawl and it turn ugly when the aunty landed a fist on the “Ah lian” face. It seems like if you have CCTV installed outside a HDB unit, something might have been happening for a long time that there is a need for CCTV. And that approach by the Ah Lian neighbour seems like she was waiting for her to come back home to confront her until when the aunty reacted physically which turn things bloody for the aunty.  Oh insanity ….

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The woman who was arrested for punching and kicking her elderly neighbour at an HDB lift landing on Saturday morning, was reportedly charged with kicking a woman police corporal and verbally abusing a staff sergeant on Monday.

The attacker, Casey Sabrina Ng, 41, who is also known as Asha, has been remanded into the Institute of Mental Health after assaulting 65-year-old Toh Siew Hong at the lift landing of Blk 10, Chai Chee Road.

The violent incident was captured on CCTV video, which has since been posted on Facebook by Toh’s daughter-in-law, Maggie Goh.

Ng had reportedly committed the offences against the police at 10:45am, and could be jailed for up to seven years and fined, if convicted. She is expected to appear in court on 14 October.

According to the police, they received a call “requesting for assistance” at 10:17am, and “established that a dispute between two parties had occured at the said location upon arrival”.

They also said, “A woman was conveyed conscious to Changi General Hospital. A woman in her 40s was subsequently arrested for abusive language and voluntarily causing hurt” against the two public servants respectively,” adding that “police investigations are ongoing”.

These footages were posted on Maggie Goh’s Facebook page when her mother-in-law was “bashed up by her Neighbour brutally”.

The video shows the neighbour walking up to Toh at 10:03 after the latter arrives home with her shopping cart and plastic bags. Dressed in a black singlet and shorts, she approaches Toh in an aggressive manner and lashes out at Toh, who immediately hits back, landing a punch on the neighbour’s face.

Taken aback, the neighbour begins to rain blows on the elderly Toh, who tries to escape the attack by moving around the lift landing. The neighbour refuses to let up on her attack as Toh eventually falls to the ground, and she is seen repeatedly stamping on Toh’s head and body as the latter lay motionless.

After staggering her way back to her flat, the neighbour walked towards Toh again and flung her body onto the floor. She threw a plastic bottle at Toh before blowing punches at her again. The neighbour’s hand gesture then looked as if beckoning the motionless Toh to fight back, but Toh was already helpless.

The neighbour’s “harassment” began a month ago when she assumed that Toh had lodged a police report against her. The victim had not done so but the neighbour was not convinced, according to Goh.

Goh said that the man who came out of the lift is the “assaulter’s son and grandson”, adding that the man should be treated as an “accomplice” as he did not stop the assaulter from attacking her mother-in-law.

Toh’s son, Yap Siew Kuan, 36, told Yahoo Singapore the woman was arrested immediately when police arrived and is currently under 48-hour arrest. She’s expected to be released on Monday.

Goh, who made a police report after seeing her mother-in-law’s “bloodied and swollen face”, was in the house when the brutal assault — which reportedly lasted 20 minutes and saw the assaulter rain over 50 blows on her mum-in-law —  took place.

Goh told Yahoo Singapore that Yap’s elder sister was living with her mother-in-law and that the neighbour has been “lashing out” at the sister for the past month.

Police reports against the neighbour had been made before but nothing could be done as the couple had no “evidence”, according to Yap.

They then made a request to Housing and Development Board (HDB) on 23 September to install CCTV cameras at the lift landing to help capture evidence.

Yap said his mother was experiencing “shocks”, “drowsiness” and “keeps thinking of vomiting”.

Toh is currently under observation in Changi General Hospital and will undergo a brain test shortly.

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