Singapore Wong Fei Hong At Tampines


Troll video of an “epic” fight that happened at Tampines bus interchange goes viral

If you watch the video of the actual incident of this “epic” fight, as many viewers call it, the legendary mixed martial artist Wong Fei-hung will definitely come to mind.

That’s why this troll video, a mash-up of the actual clips of the fight complete with a “Once Upon a Time in China” theme song, is sparking a lot more buzz than the footage of the actual incident.

It is unclear what had caused the fight (or lack thereof) between the topless man, a bus driver as well as a security guard at the bus interchange in Tampines, but what cracked us up the most was the topless man’s eagerness to fight with the latter two, by swinging his top at them.

It is unclear who had produced this video or recorded the original footage, but it has been picked up by other local blogs such as The Real Singapore, Coconut Singapore and SGAG, and all of them had shared the video on Facebook, through which it garnered thousands of Likes and Shares.



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