Quick guide to get rtorrent and web-ui up on Linux


This setup guide is simplified. Get your rtorrent seedbox up in minutes with the help of autodl-setup rtorrent setup script. This setup is base on Ubuntu linux servers. You can also apply the script on Centos or similar distributions. Just make sure you have the prerequisites installed before running the autodl script otherwise it would prompt errors and halt.

Prerequisites for Autodl-Setup Script

Getting the autodl-setup script

At this point, the script will prompt several options. Install according to your preference.



*** Update 25 Sept 2013 ***

For those having this error “Could not download xmlrpc-c source code”, the xmlrpc-c svn has been moved to http://svn.code.sf.net/p/xmlrpc-c/code/advanced/ . Therefore you can use the fixed / modified autodl-setup script below


Download autodl-setup as seen below here –