RazorTV Cikopeks Way of Promoting 16 Year Old #TNPNewFace13


“Dusky skin, flirty doll” – to describe that to a young 16 year old girl, you must be sick in the brain, a paedophile or just plain “cikopek”. Must be some uncle who can’t come up with a better description to promote the young contestant for The New Paper New Face 2013. I mean which part of her interviews would suggest she is flirty? I mean, let me call your 16 year old daughter “flirty doll“, sound awesome to you? (The screenshot above was first taken at http://www.razor.tv/video/499507/shazeilla-dusky-skin-flirty-doll )

Whatever it is, nice to see DUSKY SKIN against typical “FAIR SKINNED” to fight out for a place out there for a change and i believe she is one of the youngest contestant. Good luck Shazeilla Sariffin! For those who wish to support and vote for her, go to #TNPnewface13 Facebook votes here [Link Here].

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To vote for Shazeilla Sariffin go to this link here.
*remember to fill up your particulars then vote or vice-versa.



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