Cikopek got caught at Jalan Membina for Taking Upskirts Photos

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A man was pinned down to the ground by four other guys after he was alleged to have taken inappropriate photos of a woman inside a lift, reported STOMPer Dolphin.

The STOMPer also said that the Police had asked the woman about what had happened, before bringing the man away.

Dolphin, who was having dinner at a coffeeshop in the Tiong Bahru area when the man got pinned down, wrote:

“Was having dinner on Monday (Sep 23) at one of the coffeeshops in Jalan Membina.

“After dinner, I saw four good Samaritians pinning down a man near my table.

“I got to know later from other patrons at the coffeeshop that he was claimed to have taken upskirt photos of a girl inside a lift. Heard she was wearing a working dress at the point of time.

“The police arrived later and asked the women some questions, before taking the man away.”



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