#Bloggers Propaganda – Veritas’ Blog Claims The Chinese Is Better In Every Ways

Well she or he did not claimed literally “every ways” however most of her comparisons are blatantly indicating that Chinese are better. If you read through her blog and comments, you might find some suggestive input that she might be racist. Nevertheless, racist moron like her tend to have amusing self crafting twisted opinion such as comparing IQ + penis length +/= crime rates [Link Here]. And to top that with some flavour, she championed the Chinese as a key factor across all ethnicity in the world – Screenshot below:


Yes, that is the sort of write up, self twisted opinion that you will get at Veritas’ blog [Link Here]. I couldn’t specifically say she or he is a Singaporean but many of the write-up and comments suggest that it is a she and a Singaporean – probably a Chinese and was dumped by her Ang Moh boyfriend for being such a bitch. She really has a lot of grudges referring “banana race” to English speaking people – her blog entry part 1 [Link Here] and part 2 [Link Here]. May i present you a second screenshot in one of her write-up to help you sum it up quickly:


She argues about the closure of Chinese schools in Singapore – what she missed was other races faced the same fate!

She argued the closure of Chinese schools in Singapore [Link Here] and the mandate that all academics to be taught in English – i think she missed the bigger picture where in fact the Malay schools in Singapore was also shut down [Link Here] after the British colonial rule in Singapore. This was a move, which was plausible in my honest opinion, by the government to narrow the racial gap and help people to communicate in one common language – which sadly for her was not the Chinese language. In her write-up, she also mentioned the “madrasah” (which is Islamic religious school anyways) being allowed to continue, mostly in mosques and in this context, she totally got mixed up between race and religion issues. If i were to continue to write about Tamil, Sikh and other races and their schools, it probably be one hell of a lengthy post so i shall let you Google it up yourselves. However, i am glad that English is being used as a common language which was an important factor to help modernize and undeniably help to close the gaps between races. Imagine if it was not implemented way back, today we wont understand our friends of a different race, down to emotional depth in conversations.

As a Chinese herself, she should less complain about cultures and racial issues!

All the races in Singapore have one way or another compromised. The Malay Muslim do not get to hear the call for prayers or “Azan” like any other Malay Muslim country do like the Malaysia and Indonesia – one of many examples that i can come up with. While the Indian too are limited to their culture and belief practices. The Chinese by far enjoyed the freedom to practice due to them being the majority. Chinese Lunar New Year holiday is 2 days, 1 day more than any other culture / belief official holidays. Most sign boards and announcement are translated to Chinese with reasons to help the non-bilingual older generations -what about an old Indian or Malay aunty if we were to put our thoughts in it?. Being the majority also means you have more in the workforce to an extend mandarin became a preference or a must in certain industry [Link Here] where the minorities like Indians and Malay are being discriminated up till today.

My ideal Singapore would be …

There are times where i thought of an ideal Singapore. A Singapore that do not require the need to indicate “race” in your NRIC (national identification card). A Singapore that do not see the skin tone and colour. But of course, that is just a big fat dream. I personally encounter countless racist individuals at work or play even more online and it is happening everywhere even outside of Singapore. The majority will always be the ones that oppresses the minority in one way or another, some things in life is beyond your control, nature will take its course. Life is going to be the way it is when you see as it is. Therefore to learn to appreciate and being grateful with what you have is one of many wonders in life that will allow you to live in it with happiness and serenity even if the surroundings are chaotic and at war. Nobody is immortal, you won’t live forever. Think about it, compromise and live on.

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