The Virtual Currency #Bitcoin has reach Singapore!

I remember stumbling across the virtual currency bitcoin back in 2011 when it was already well known in the U.S. Posted some guides on how to run the bitcoin and the idea of bitcoin. I then replicate that page into my current blog in 2012 [Link Here]. Now its 2013 and what a pleasure to see the first merchant to accept bitcoin [Link Here].

Now Bitcoin in Singapore also has a Facebook group [Link Here] , Facebook Page [Link Here] and a Linkedin group [Link Here].

Attach here is a Quick Presentation Of Bitcoin.


What is Bitcoin?

This group is created to attract interested locals who want to find out more about Bitcoin. As for myself, the knowledge of Bitcoin is pretty shallow. My aim is to expand the knowledge of Bitcoin in Singapore, explore the benefits of it and expand on its usage.

Topics we can discuss include:

– How can a unified currency helps in our economy?

– What is Bitcoin?

– What are some of the existing businesses already accepted Bitcoin?

– How can Bitcoin applies to our local businesses?

– How can Bitcoin help in your personal finances?

– How to effectively mine Bitcoin?

I sincerely hope that all of you can participate in the above topic and share with your friends.

Happy exploring!



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