US soldier’s reaction against racist (anti-muslim) harasser goes viral

US soldier’s reaction against racist harasser goes viral


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A six-minute clip of US television reality show “What Would You Do?” is getting some major buzz online after it depicted a US soldier defending a Muslim in a New York deli.

The show documents bystanders’ real-life reactions towards the actors staging a scenario.

“I don’t want a terrorist touching my food or taking my order,” says an actor who plays the part of Oliver, a racist customer who places an order with another actor playing Muslim clerk, Meena.

At around the five-minute mark of the video clip, a US Army soldier walks into the restaurant and his reaction to the harassment is both surprising and heart-warming.

“Get out! Put the chips down and go buy them somewhere else,” he says in the video which has been viewed 3 million times.

“You have the choice to shop anywhere just as he has the choice to practise his religion anywhere. That’s the reason why I’m wearing this uniform – so anyone can live free in this country,” he added.

After his outburst, the producers of the show interrupt the scene to explain what was happening.

“I wasn’t being heroic, I was just being a person,” said the soldier after he got over his initial surprise.

“I was just defending everyone’s inalienable rights,” he said, to which the host rebutted with, “And if you’re a Muslim…”

“It doesn’t matter to me,” said the soldier without skipping a beat. “If you’re an American, you’re an American, period.”

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