The Alvivi (Alvin & Vivian) is back with another cheap publicity stunt – Halal bak kuh teh photo


These two clowns are back and loving the attention. But i think this has gone a little too far. Maybe you can still ignore the awful sex videos of themselves and the lame attempt to get into the spotlight by launching Alvivi TV on Youtube however choosing to provoke other’s belief and religion is really asking for it.

In a photo posted on their Facebook fanpage, the pair is seen enjoying a meal of ‘bak kut teh’, a dish popularly known to consist pork. The words “Selamat berbuka puasa (dengan bak kut teh…wangi, enak menyelerakan!)’ (Happy breaking fast (with bak kut teh….aromatic, tasty and appetizing) appear at the top.

The photo also displayed the Halal logo.

These words captioned the photo: Izinkan kami memperkenalkan cara kami memupuk semangat 1Malaysia dengan bertukar-tukar makanan antara kaum-kaum Malaysia pada musim perayaan yang mulia ini. Hak untuk menikmati juadah enak tempatan seharusnya merentasi batasan bangsa dan juga agama. Kepada saudara-saudari yang beragama Islam, selamat berbuka puasa dan Salam Aidilfitri!  – Sahabatmu, Alvin dan Vivian.

[Allow us to introduce our way of inculcating the the spirit of 1Malaysia and that is by exchanging food between the races in Malaysia during this holy celebration. The right to enjoy local delicacies should cross the boundaries of race and also religion. To Muslims, happy breaking fast and Salam Aidilfitri – Your friends, Alvin and Vivian).

Needless to say the post drew the wrath of not just Muslims, but Facebook users of various races and faiths who joined the bandwagon and slammed the couple for using the Halal logo on their photo and insulting Muslims.

What Facebook users said

Less than a day after Tan and Lee shared the ‘greeting’ on Facebook, the post received close to 300 shares.

Outraged, user Elly Yusof blasted the couple saying, “I pity your lame effort of gaining cheap publicity by insulting others. Crass.”

“Nothing wrong with ur msg, but it is so wrong to use halal logo! You should be a bit more sensitive about this… because it causes direct insult to MUSLIM as the religion that our Malay friends believe,” said a Pete Sin, whose comment received close to 700 likes in 14 hours.

Here are more comments:

Hazel Sia: Can we just ignore this shameless couple? They do not represent the Malaysian Chinese, they are the worst garbage… no respect for others and their own families.

Abel Chow : Fellow Malaysians, these two are the perfect prime example of trollers in Malaysia. They do nothing but try their very best to incite any form of reaction through the means of social media to increase their fame. For regardless of how much you hate them or love them (No publicity is bad publicity in terms of fame / showbiz). Therefore the very best we can do is refrain ourselves to paying any form of response towards their distasteful acts and they will soon be forgotten.

Moving on to the topic of racism, these two are the prime example of Chinese people (in fact any or every minority) in Malaysia of which considers Malays to be racist yet they themselves are being racist. Morality and respect of honor with towards one another exists in the very soul of an individual. It is not solely contained in any form of race nor religion. So my fellow Malaysians, rejoice in the fact that there are amongst us that so share the love of sharing this country lovingly. It is time we be one.

I am a Chinese, I must admit I feel ashamed for those amongst my race that do not share my sentiments towards peace and understanding as well. Prouder to say, I’m Malaysian. To my Muslim friends and all
partaking in this Ramadan, I wish you all Ramadan Kareem.

Asyraful Sabqi Sadun : They dont represent the chinese. So dont blame the race guys.

HamDan MooNir : This post is great…You just make millions of Muslim people enraged with your behavior…Your girl just kena rob before this.
You will for sure get the bad punishment when the time comes…At that time,no one will even offer to help you… May Allah give the full lesson to you…

Farzana Zamry: Ur trick wont make me sceptical to my chinese friend. This doesnt work. I think both of u have some sort of mental illness. Btw tanjung rambutan is ready for u.

Mohd Azrul : Dear Alvin & Vivian, we hope that you will regret for this. As we respect Chinese culture and religion, please do the same thing to us.Well we do understand Buddhist dont eat beef as for their religion, please understand that the sensitivity of muslims. We dont force you to eat beef or make fun of it! we respect! I have Chinese friends too and they are ashamed of what you did. ALL OF US do!

Choi Khiat Ong: Please respect my Muslim friends ! I am ashamed of you two! Put them into jail!



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