She Sell Her Used Panty Via Her Blog

Dubbed as MissEasilyWet or MEW, local Singaporean girl (judging from her write-up / post on her blog) goes blogging to sell her own used panties. She has a public and private blogs and judging from all the teasing contents, i am sure that her private blog has a lot more spice. I first bump into her blog through a forum post in VRzone [Link Here].


She has an interesting “MVP Honour List” [Link Here] where she list her customers that she has met. Oh not to mention, she also has a package prices listed on her blog for those who are keen :P. She is also celebrating her 100 000th viewership on her new private blog which started on March 2013. People say sex sells, it really is!


She is definitely smart not going through typical forums post or facebook post to do her selling. Instead she start a blog to keep her customers coming back for more updates. I mean her method of doing is a proof of concept to those people who still doing all the annoying facebook post on other people’s wall to sell their product.

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