Singapore Raining Stones – Hail Storms

singapore raining stones

I guess many of us have heard or experienced hail storm that happened yesterday, 25 June, at about 3pm, in western parts of Singapore, namely Jurong, Tuas, Bukit Batok and Chua Chu Kang. This is not the first time Singapore experienced hail storm by the way, the last hail storm was reported on March 2008 however not much online reference maybe due to the fact we were still on ADSL 😛 and Youtube / Facebook was not a popular medium back then. Some speculated that the hail storm could be due to Indonesia’s cloud seeding activity (to put out the forest fire) that has been going on for some time. Some speculated that it could be due to haze. Our National Environment Agency (NEA) could not confirm either speculation and did not comment further how the hail storm could have formed.  So i turned to my best friend – Google and Youtube, to shed some lights on my questions. I mean i hate the fact that you speculate without proper reference or reliable source. Since our dear NEA guys not willing to comment further, below are some of the online reference that could answer some of the question you and i be asking.

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How Hail Stones Form

Below is the video, a quick explanation of how a hail storm could form. Basically it is layers of water droplets, carried by strong winds circulated upwards to the atmosphere forming ice and being carried over and over again till it is heavy enough and drops as pellets of ice. Watch the video – it’s a reliable reference from the guys at You can also visit a wikipedia on Hail [Wiki Here].

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It was a short storm but with very strong winds. Though there we no reports of people got hurt, it caused some disruptions on the roads, wreck down trees and as you can on the picture above, an event tent.

So my prediction, the haze could be partially the reason why hail stones formed. With haze particles, carried by strong winds and some vapour captured by these particles formed those hail stones – i mean, i am not a scientist nor a science student but logic tells me these basics after understanding how hail forms – right?

I have upload a collection taken from various sources that recorded the hail storm. If anyone would like to share their videos, please comment with your youtube link below. Stay safe!

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