Poor Customer Service At M1

I was so furious with M1. This month bill was charged with one month advanced to 2 of my mobile plans. When i called up their customer service hotline, the lady in an unpleasant tone telling me that “Oh, it is not extra, it is JUST a month advance because you switch mobile plans”.

In the month of May, i recontracted one of my mobile plans to get the S4. My mobile plans was originally a 3G plan therefore i made a switch to 4G since getting 4G phones. When asked to the sales guy whether there will be any form of charges to do the switch from 3G to 4G, he firmly said “no”. So i happily made a switch of 3G to 4G plans to two of my mobile plans and was aware of the new monthly subscription charges.

So came the bill for this month, it was a shock to see 389.00 being billed this month when my usage has never exceed the subscription quota ever since 5 years ago. It mounted to that amount apparently because they charge extra to each of my mobile plans since the customer service switched it from 3G to 4G plans.

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I Should Be Told Before Hand On Such Charges!!

Yes, there were no additional charges or fees however if you will get a 2 month bill in a single bill, that is a bigger hole in the pocket for you for that month! What pisses me off is that the customer service can splendidly tell me “IT IS JUST A MONTH ADVANCE”. I am a regular working Singaporean and yes i only earn a decent amount each month where you have to tighten your belts to save or buy the things you want / need each month.

It is a big deal!

Imagine if you were unable to clear the bill for this month, getting your service suspended and being charge with re-activation fees and another month advance after service re-activation – all that inconvenience!!

I really think that M1 should have inform the customer upfront that the customer will be billed with one month advance for a change of plan or 4G switch from your current 3G plan!!

This is one of the many things i got pissed off with M1. Not to mention how sucky their mobile coverage is. I NEVER GOT a decent 3G coverage in my house. Reported to them over the past years yet nothing has improved.

I have used M1 for atleast 6 years, from a good quality service to poor and getting worse!

So be aware when you make a switch from 3G to 4G plans at M1. Clarify the details clearly with their sales.

Here is the list of M1 complains and feedbacks of their customer service – http://amplicate.com/hate/m1




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