Why No Stop Work Order From MOM?

#SGHaze – Has rose up to PSI 400 at this point of writing. Many express their disappointment, question and wonders why the Ministry Of Manpower (MOM) did not issue stop work order despite the hazardous condition.

To my personal opinion, it is all about the money and economy and the government has never done this before during their time thus the reluctance of issuing that public order. Or simply, most companies in Singapore are not even prepared to still be able to operate on such epidemic where their workers have to work from home. Base on my past experience, having switch to several companies, most of these companies i worked for will be crippled down to  just be able to send email only if their workers has to work from home.

The mentality of local companies has definitely need to change. There are so many solutions out there that would enable them to carry out business as usual or near 100% if their workers has to work from home. From high-end commercial solution to free open source solutions that can be deployed by experience engineers / consultants.

And i am not referring to those workers involved in outdoor activites such as retail or constructions or any other similar – which still most of these mentioned industries will have back office where IT will still be involved in their operation.


Singapore is not prone to natural disasters

Singapore is not prone to natural disasters and that is why we see such low anticipation from local companies in preparing contingency plans to their IT infrastructure and even squeezing yearly IT budget to save more money. You can’t deny that IT has been the center / core of every business today. In any business, IT is required for them to conduct daily transaction, processes and communications.

So i say, spend a little more attention, effort, money and stop that culture of – “Ah i don’t think we need that now, got email and internet can already – they all need to access it only in office” kind of crap.

And to the companies out there, if you need a commercial or open source solutions to deploy your infrastructure, feel free to contact me. I could provide consultation and recommendations / referrals where necessary.


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