Reports of Cats, Birds and Other Animals Dying Due To Haze

Came across a couple of news reports that there are numerous reports of cats died, birds and lizards corpses outside their premises due to the worsening haze in Singapore.

At this time of writing, PSI rose to 256 at 9am from 156 at 8am. Expected PSI throughout the day is in between 200 to 300.


Thursday, June 20, 2013 – Numerous reports of stray cat and even household cat deaths linked to the haze caused by Indonesian forest fires. Dr Rajid Mati states that “cats do not have the lung capacity to to withstand the amount of particles in the air, and will start acting up if PSI is estimately 400.” He adds that “The condition is even lethal if the cat is not given an oxygen tank within a day. Kittens are not yet fully developed, and are more prone to this horrible choking death.” The situation has shown little to no improvement, and if it worsens in Singapore, many of our beloved alley cats will be gone by Monday.

Please spread the word. Prevent this

Birds corpses seen in a few places around Singapore too.
haze birds corpses 001 haze birds corpses 002 haze birds corpses 003

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    1. Yup. I can testify to this. All the kois at my house pond also died (also my cousin’s kois at her place) following the haze. Wonder what other shit is there in the haze

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