Indonesia to use rain-making / cloud-seeding technology to stop forest fires

forest fire 2013


As well know, the PSI level in Singapore hit 16 year high yesterday night. And it is still quite as bad this morning where people are echoing a lot about the haze and why the Government is not doing anything about it.  Mr Shamugam later clarified [Link here] that the government is doing it’s best and that “somethings are just out of their control” which i agree.

I think the party to blame is the irresponsible people / corporation that started this and the ineffectiveness of Indonesian government in tackling the issue fast. Good news is, the Indonesian government have already start putting plans into action and hopefully in the next few days situation improves.

The Indonesian government is planning to use cloud-seeding / rain-maker technology to put out the fires [Link here] in the areas affected and the seeding will be done tomorrow (Friday) after preparations are done today.

Cloud seeding documentary video below

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