Typical Desperate Singaporean Blogger

Can’t afford to ignore this that i took part of my lunch time to just blog this post. I received a comment that seems a little bit personal criticizing my post [Link here] and blog in whole. Screenshot it below because i decided not to approve his lame attempt to promote his blog on my post. I probably add his domain and email to my spambox.

desperate-blogger 002


So yes, i went to check out who the hell is this guy. After putting some thoughts, i probably get it why he do it after reading through some of his blog and what he does. A desperate, lame, PR blogger. I mean seriously, first you commented on one of my high traffic post, putting your domain name / blog url on both comment box and url field? Thats a desperate attempt to show or make people notice your blog dude.

I mean i get it. You are a PR blogger, you do advertorial for a living and mostly but coming to my blog in a lame attempt to promote your blog by stirring attention in that method, i would suggest companies to stay away in getting you to be their PR blogger for their products dude.


You are just an overrated, self proclaimed PR / Influential Blogger!

Look, nothing personal. I have never heard of you. However base on real data and analytics from your domain ranking and traffic ranking, i must say, before you point your finger to someone, look at yourself in the mirror first. If i am as boastful as you are, I would proudly say, i am more influential base on my domain ranking and traffics i am having as compared to yours – but hey, i am not going to stoop that low. Welcome to cyberspace, always remind yourself that there is always someone better than you and you should stay as humble as you can be unless being provoked – moron.

desperate-blogger 001

Yeah, so much for being a PR Leader and strategic. I read your strategy, you are just desperate to have a link back from my PR2 blog back to your “noobies” Mr Un-Style KingKong domain. With your personal attacks and rude comments, i will not grant that sadly. Find some other blog please and didn’t your parents teach you manners?

desperate-blogger 003 desperate-blogger 005

I can accept constructive criticism but not bullish comments / personal attacks

Seriously, this is my blog. I write what i thing, my opinion matters here and i believe so does anyone else. You are welcome to give constructive criticism . If you don’t understand what that means, go Google it or even translate it in your own language. Comments such as what our desperate blogger gave is unacceptable and barbaric. I wouldn’t have 20k hits on a single post if my entire blog is “irrelevant and stupid” as this buffoon claims. If you don’t have any constructive comments, please save the trouble and leave, not to come back – choice is yours.

I don’t know why he came up with such comments or his motives. I mean i do not know this guy, all i can say, that is a poor attempt to attract traffic / attention. Probably it going to work after mentioning you in this post – for a short while i guess. I probably check your Alexa ranking again in few months time if i even remember your blog.

Anyways, i must say, go learn some web design skills, some SEO skills, some manners and fix up your content of your blog. Post such as this [Link Here] is too big of a call of an opinion for someone like you after what you just did.



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