MDA Licensing Scheme For News Website – Will the GOVT EVER LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE?!

mda news licensing scheme

This is something that interest me. This is something that should interest you. After watching the recorded version of Channel News Asia – Talking Point on MDA new licensing scheme, i spotted a few yet not assuring respond from the Minister.

Will blogs who report news will be considered a “News Site” by MDA?

And his response was, YES, “something that MDA will have to look into” and that is something very disturbing. 50,000 unique IP per month for most blog sites is really not that difficult to reach especially when it could be the same users who revisited the site. Our homes are on dynamic IPs and some of us are using TOR like browsers which bounces internet connections (IP) on every page request!. Even my blog has already reach 30,000 unique USERS (probably more unique IPs) per month without much promoting of this blog, so does that mean i will have to apply the license too since i do post at least 1 post about Singapore? I do not earn much from this blog and yes i do not have that SGD50,000 to pay.


I have missed to come down to Hong Lim Park for this protest sadly but my fellow friends were there and sent me this picture below. It was reported that over 1000 people attended this protest. Here is the link to one of the speakers [Link Here].

mda news licensing scheme

When you watch again the debate on Talking Point, you picked up a few really disturbing response from the Minister. He did not gave specifics and he have been using those same words quoting “As i mentioned earlier …” to almost all the various questions such as whether online blogs will be considered a news site if they are reporting a local topic.

Amazing to know that the Government implemented something without consulting the public and yet say that they will be “looking into things in the coming months” to some legislation that they passed on without consulting the parliament nor the public – SO MUCH FOR DEMOCRACY!

This will effect the good living of all Singaporean for that matters. I am sure that Singaporean are mature enough to choose their own content of what to read and the right thing to read at their own decision. Looking at the votes screenshot by TRemeritus [Link Here], there was a clear voice of how many people who are actually against this. But will the Government hear us?

Last GE still have not send the Government the message we want them to hear. I hope Singaporean will not forget this one too easily on how the current continues on with their ruling style and keep raping democracy and the freedom of it’s people with their regulations, twisting the words and twisting the minds of the people to benefit themselves without thinking about the people.

I have embedded the recorded Talking Point debate via Youtube below.

[jwplayer config=”Custom Player” mediaid=”1245″]

We cannot allow the Government to continue that ruling style that have long expired in the new modern world. We cannot allow ourselves to become China where freedom is being deprived by their Government. We cannot allow ourselves to slide into 3rd World Governance where the Government over power the people who voted them in. Don’t let yourselves to be continuously raped by their policies. This licensing scheme / policy has to go, it has much ulterior motives, vote it out before it is too late.

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