Facebook Malware Alert! Affected Thousands of Singaporean Users

facebook malware

Credits to 9GAG Singapore Post. Please share this to your friends. I haven’t personally had anyone in my contact list posting this however it seems like quite a few already affected outside my contact list and i kept receiving weird invites. Becareful. Best is to have Antivirus that comes with browser security that checks contents that is being served on your browsers. Please see below.

facebook malware

FACEBOOK MALWARE ALERT: THOUSANDS OF FACEBOOK USERS IN SINGAPORE AFFECTED – Beware of links on Facebook groups created from 5 Jun 2013 that reads:

“WTF..Just 14 years Old drunk girl did this infront of all Public.” or

“Just 14 years Old drunk girl did this infront of all Public.”

Many Singaporeans have unknowingly posted these to groups which your friend could have invited you to without your approval, or directly on friend’s account, but that friend did not post it himself. These are fake video links being posted on Facebook, disguised as a video which could be posted by one of your friends.
In this case, if you click the link above, you’ll be taken to a fake video page, which tells you that you need to download a “Video Download Converter” in order to view the video. This is a tactic used by hackers and scammers to install viruses or trojan horses onto your system. Do not download this file. Do not click links such as this, as you may install malicious software onto your computer.

No guarantee this will solve the problem fully as we do not know the virus’ full capabilities, but if this has happened to you or a friend, you should consider taking the following steps:

1. Leave all groups titled as above and report it. Inform all your friends who are found in the group about this malware via PM

2. Remove/block any unknown, unwanted, or spammy apps. Be sure to remove “Fun Tube” as we’ve seen this one posting similar links before. Remove yourself from the mentioned facebook groups

2. Remove anything posted on your behalf by these apps so your friends aren’t fooled into clicking them. Run an anti-virus or anti-spyware program on your computer

3. Change your Facebook password

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