Jesus Vs Muhammad – Disturbing Youtube Trending Video

Jesus Vs Muhammad

Steven Crowder created a controversial video with topic “Jesus VS Muhammad” [video link here] where i seriously would suggest him do a proper research before creating such video. He is just making himself like a real fool online. Not to mention the number of “thumbs down” to his video.

Jesus Vs Muhammad

Jesus Vs Muhammad 003


As a Muslim myself, we are brought up and taught to respect other’s beliefs and not to provoke them. I wonder what is his motives and objective of creating such a video. Poorly researched, facts are all wrong and bias. Have you actually read the real Qur’an?

And yes below is the response to that video he created and i am glad that this guy – lebo2196 [his youtube channel here] did it. Steven Crowder is so needing the extra classes and to help him get his facts right.

Jesus Vs Muhammad

Jesus Vs Muhammad 002

To Steven Crowder, next time when you don’t have enough facts from the correct sources, don’t attempt to create a video which obviously you are doing it to get the attention you so desperately needed. What a pity.