Bad news for Bubble Tea lovers – Singapore AVA ban 11 Taiwan Products Over Maleic Acid Taint

china taiwan tainted food

Not long after China rice taint of Cadmium, now here is another taint food issue from Taiwan. 11 starch based products from Taiwan was banned by Singapore AVA due to contents of Maleic Acid. Maleic acid is usually used as a compound in products such as glue, paper and various kinds of wrapping materials, according to an official from the country’s Department of Health, which says it will make a detailed record of the factories that used it. The compound is hazardous to human health if consumed.

The starch-based products are mainly tapioca starch which is made use in most bubble tea. It was said that these tainted food products started from a retired Taiwanese teacher teaching food producers of the usage of Maleic Acid to make their food crispier. For each teaching lesson, a news source mentioned that he would receive between USD16000 to USD33000. Refer to a reference here.

I have nothing to say, i rather quit eating any Chinese related products to be safe – there is plenty other alternative food / food source for sure.

china taiwan tainted food

11 Banned Products

– Hong Tapioca Starch

– Redman Black Tapioca Pearl

– Sun Right Indica Rice Powder

– Top 1 Tapioca Pearls

– Tea World Tapioca Starch Ball

– Unbranded Starch Ball

– Ting Long Tapioca Pearls

– Sun Chi Noodles

– T&M Resources Corp Tapioca Pearls

– Pure Tea Tapioca Pearls (White)

– Pure Tea Tapioca Pearls (Black)

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