Interesting Reads From “Singapore Taxi Bloggers”

Alright, i admit. When there is a lot of things going into my head or when i am somewhat feeling stressful, i blog a lot. I do not however like to randomly rant about things too much. So what do i do before i blog a lot? Of course, i google a lot, ending up in sites, reading tons of stuff and trying so hard to gush my brains out so it will sleep. Interesting find, with Singapore at heart, rather than reading the typical ranting queens in the blogosphere, i decided to google a little bit different.

So my findings? Singapore taxi bloggers. Yeah, i found bunch of taxi drivers who actually started their own blogs and sharing their opinion and experiences online. One would expect that being a typical taxi driver (one who will complain much about life in Singapore rather than have a open discussion), these blogs would be devilishly full of rants and complains right? But hey, to my pleasant surprise, some of these guys and/or “taxi uncles” actually writes good stuff with seasoned opinions and views.

There is also Singapore Taxi Forums if you may.

Singapore Taxi bloggers

Well if you are interested to visit their blogs and the forums, below are the list that i found. Do send a comment on this post if you happen to stumble on other Singapore taxi bloggers.


Taxi Blogs


Taxi Forums


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