Goodbye Google Reader – here is a new breed of readers on the net

It was officially announced that Google will retire their service – Google Reader – here is the official announcement on Google Official Blog. For those who have been a fan of Google Reader, you can archive and download your data using Google Takeout here.

It is not surprising that Google Reader has a declining number of users with the facts that advancing browsers have built-in RSS readers and syncing option to sync your bookmarks and rss to your mobile devices and other computers. However here are newer breeds of intelligent readers available on web where you are able to consolidate your favourite RSS feeds + the feeds of others in the community and people you follow within that site community and read latest trending articles, news and posts. We all knew how the internet has vast of information and sometime searching them all can be slightly overwhelming. These sites might help to narrow them down in one way or another.

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In sequence from my favourite ones on top, below are the list:


Still in beta, has some promising feature such as adding rss source feed, following the people on and syncing your contacts which exist on Rockmelt via Facebook or Twitter. They have a need boxy and organized homepage which will fit into nicely on your mobile device such as Ipads and Android tablets.



BuzzFeed is already a new in thing among the teens in the United States. It is constantly gaining popularity across the world as well. BuzzFeed has similar features such as adding rss feeds to your profile where you can view it in your homepage. Also in similar boxy and organized design that fits into your mobile devices.


3. has already 3million Google Reader “refugees”. They are actively improving the features and adding plugins and mobile apps to allow multiple platform across multiple browsers. Also trying to go as close as to Google Reader as part of its features.

feedly - alternative google reader


4. is pretty much similar to BuzzFeed where they organize the feeds base on interest, trends and people you follow. Slight difference is Storify has a Storify Bookmarklet extension/plugin on Google Chrome where you can quickly repost it to your Storify account. When you have a Storify post, it looks similar to a WordPress post interface. Looks like they are creating a WordPress blogging community with much less integrations and features of course. However i think Storify needs more edge if they were to beat those up in the list.

alternate google reader

If you are looking for more of app based that works on IOS and Android, check out this list from (Not btw) and if you have any other suggestion to add onto the list, do leave your comments on the post. Cheerios!

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