Multi Level Marketing (MLM) – Nah it is actually not bad as it sounds people!


Yup, Multi Level Marketing or commonly known as “MLM”. I recently joined one after going through some research about the company for the specific product that i was looking for. In Singapore, people will automatically turn off by these 3 letter words. In short, you will start seeing friends, relatives or families start avoiding you or that any topic that could relate to what you do. I wouldn’t blame them because most of the MLM marketeers out there are either self delusional or they were trying too hard that it just pisses you off at one point of time. In fact, me too hate the fact that they will boast about how good is their products, how different they are from the rest when in fact (statistically proven) that 95% percent of MLM companies are just bunch of big distributors and do not actually own the products or any research labs (R&D) of the products that they put on their shelves.

I would like to keep today’s post short anyways …

So i was “googling” some supplements for myself after realizing that they were too many on Guardian’s pharmacy and most of them that i was interested was quite pricey. I needed because i realize how much i have lost weight and how much my productivity (both at work and creativity) has been affected to my depreciating health – i can say. I work a lot, i don’t take enough rest, i smoke and i can spend whole day in front of my computer for many days if i am into doing some projects or work related – in short, i can be very workaholic. So while searching through some blogs, health sites both research labs and independent ones – i came across 4Life Research Labs.

4Life Research Labs

Firstly, what fonds me about these guys is that they are introducing a new technology in medical science called the “Transfer Factors”. In short, olden days we rely on herbs before we start introducing ourselves to vitamins (where plenty of MLM / Pharmaceuticals) puts it on their shelves. Every brand of these herbs / vitamins seems to be at different pricing but the same ingredients i presume – branding sets the bar right?. So 4life had their patents on “transferseutical” or known as Transfer Factors where it helps to build your immune system to fight back potential diseases and generally improves your health status. Well this is a tech blog but yeah science and technology has the same breed of people – the curious ones. So if you are keen to find out about transfer factors, either google them or read it via this link.

4Life Is Into Tech Space

So yeah, i went on to sign up with first thing in mind, to get the product and try it. What pleases me was that 4life is also into the tech space. So they are actively on facebook, youtube, mobile and affiliate system online which also fits to what i am doing. Yes, i find it very relevant to sign up with them because they had an affiliate system platform that will help me to share or refer easily – without doing the conventional push of trying to talk to people, being all pushy / oversell, etc. After all, what i need is the product and if i can have the ease of sharing the product effortlessly that is a definite surplus of joining an MLM as compared to buying things of the pharmacy shelves in any case.

I Hate Conventional MLMs – My journey @ 4life starts a week ago 😛

Yeap, you heard me. I hate MLM buggers out there who tells me things way beyond of things i asked or need to know such as:

1. “I am earning 5 digits now @ (SOME MLM COMPANY)”
2. “This product is the best out there that nothing can beat or exist” < — yeah where is the proof / reliable source of that claim?
3. “I am driving a BMW / Mercedes and i barely work for an hour a day”
4. “I make money, tons of money by NOT DOING ANYTHING and WHILE I WAS SLEEPING”

… and the list goes on. Screw all the motivational talks and this is not in the year 1990s. MLM have existed for at least 50 years in United States and over time some of these greedy pigs / scum bags / blood suckers really screwed the good will of MLM and what it is built from – the power of sharing (not PUSHING / FAKING / LYING / SCREWING)

Ah by the way, planning to get more stuff to try from 4Life and the fact that they are a well reviewed research labs with patents in U.S gives me the comfort to see how the products can help me – the fact that i do eat a lot of junks, coffee + red bull in the mornings. So the journey starts a week ago, i need to get back in shape, first got to eat right and have the right supplement to help me with it. I listed down some of the reviews that i read on the last section of this blog post if you are interested to know.


One size does not fit all!

Yes, MLM is not meant for all, MLM companies does not fit everyone. I do not recommend you to jump into the boat without understanding what you need, what you intend to gain from it and what you understand about it. Else you be the next person to spread the bad vibes about MLM about how trashy it is when the first person to point the blame is yourself. In my case however, i am just curious, backed with relevant research / reading on reliable sources and references, getting what i need from the product through convenience of online ordering and the beauty of sharing it effortlessly. So if you are keen to know about it, do hit the “comment” button below, leave your FB link / web link and email. I normally reply back to comments on my blog.

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  1. network marketing is only but a business model a company adopts to get its goods and services into the market using word of mouth from its distributors, and they pay thier distributors accordingly based on thier efforts allowing for unlimited income potential.. this is a lucrative industry in itself! coupled with the Wellness industry? BOOM its the next Trillion Dollar industry, nono not i say.. but the World Economists prodicted so.. those who see the Opportunity will seize it, for those who don’t , back to the rank and file, office politics for life my friends

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