How to get beautiful women / hot girl play online games with you?


Haha yeah, as the topic reads, how do you do that? Apparently in China, a service that is gaining popularity where a company will provide hiring service to have beautiful girls to play online games with you for as low as 15 yuan (SGD3) per hour. And these girls can earn as much as 2000 yuan per month (SGD400) for playing 1 to 4 hours per night.

According to reliable news source, RocketNews24,

Tai is a third-year university student in Fuqing, Fujian Province. She works at a company that provides this service. The company employs eight people in total; five men and three women. Their main business is to play along with their clients on team strategy games like DotA Allstars and the wildly popular online game League of Legends, which now has over 3 million active accounts.

According to Tai, their customers can choose from an extremely skilled player from their staff, referred to as god-class, or one of the ladies, referred to as MM-class. MM is Chinese internet slang for mèimèi, meaning pretty girl, little sister or (gasp) possibly also vagina. Classy!

By choosing a god-class staff, the customer can get help clearing particular barriers or leveling up their character. By choosing an MM-class staff, the customer gets someone fun to play with who can keep them from getting burnt out.


I wonder if Singapore gamers will get this service too …

I will not be surprised if ever a new young daring company would start this as a service to the Singapore gamers. Probably cybercafe might even have their own fleet of employees to solely serve these service to their patrons. Cybercafe here are fighting hard to thrive in such a dense market and also the fact that most Singapore homes have fibre broadband that they can play comfortably at their own homes. Highly likely and naturally, having such services here in Singapore will lure the gamers out and start hogging on cybercafes. Wonder if they should raise the age limits to above 18 ONLY this time.

 lol … really? I bet Singapore will soon to follow suit. Do we need anti-vice after at gaming “parlour” in the future as well? The trend follow suit exploiters lure in the goods 🙂



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