The Perfect Breakup I Say – Bobby Tonelli & Joanne Peh


Ah, this is random. I wouldn’t careless. Joanne Peh happily announce her new gay date while Bobby Tonelli speaks out after that expressing how beautiful was the relationship on his Facebook Page. Well i think Joanne Peh was never interested in marriage (being a typical Singaporean chinese girl) who has all the attention and fame shined on her – dumped her ang moh boyfriend for a gay (Qi YuWu)?! I think this is something got to do with the gay movement in Singapore which got media attention when activist tried to roll out petition against Singapore’s law section 377 – Anti-Gay Sex. Obviously Joanne Peh being 28 and a Singaporean is still in much hunger for success where sky is only limit for her – it seems. Isn’t she just a good example of why Singapore is having such low birth rates – arguably it is known that this one of the cause, being materialistic, hunger for success, workaholic.

I mean take a look at those links and its date and puzzle them all together. All happened within the week in April 2013. Would be interesting to see what is Joanne Peh’s next publicity coverage / stunt. The ugly side of a celebrity when you actually take note of their “timeline” heh?

bobby tonelli and joanne peh break up


Radio DJ Bobby Tonelli opened up on his failed relationship with Singaporean actress Joanne Peh in a Facebook post on Tuesday, saying the two had lost communication over the years.

His post comes after Peh, 28, and Chinese actor Qi Yuwu announced last week that they are dating.

Her break-up with Tonelli had only been revealed last month when she told local entertainment magazine 8 Days that they had grown apart.

In his Facebook post, the 38-year-old Tonelli said that the past four years with Peh “were some of the best years of my life”.

“When I met Joanne she was the first Asian girl I ever dated. I didn’t know much about her culture and although we were from two different worlds, we somehow connected. The beauty of her soul and her sense of wonder at the possibilities we could achieve together were qualities I was always searching for in a life partner,” he recalled.

While the DJ may have seen something in Peh as “life partner” material, marriage was something that didn’t seem to have been on the cards.

Peh was quoted as saying that she struggled with frequent questions from the media about when they would tie the knot, and added that it was a good thing she and Italian-American ended things before giving in to pressure to marry.


Now i wonder what is the difference dating a “might-be-gay” man and a real man? … might be something interesting to know in time heh?

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