Boston Marathon Bombing – 3 dead 100 injured


One of United States most popular marathon – The Boston Marathon turned ugly when there was a loud explosion happened  just before the finishing line. This happened on April 15 2013 around 7.15am when a loud explosion blew off at the crowd area near the finishing line. It took everyone by surprise.

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Multiple explosive device found …

The authorities found multiple explosive device at the site and they believed that it is a coordinated attack.

No group has claimed responsibility so far for the incident, and at least one group, the Pakistani Taliban, which claimed the 2010 Times Square bomb plot, denied being involved.

“We believe in attacking US and its allies but we are not involved in this attack,” Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) spokesman Ehsanullah Ehsan told AFP.

As cities from New York to Los Angeles went on high alert, Americans with ever-vivid memories of the September 11, 2001 suicide airliner attacks automatically wondered if the country had been hit again by terrorists.

President Barrack Obama response on national television …

President Barack Obama went on national television to say it was not yet clear who was behind the blasts. He said the perpetrators would pay. He did not utter the word “terror.”

“We still do not know who did this or why. And people shouldn’t jump to conclusions before we have all the facts,” Obama said. “But make no mistake, we will get to the bottom of this, and we will find out who did this, we’ll find out why they did this.”

A senior White House official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said later that “any event with multiple explosive devices — as this appears to be — is clearly an act of terror.”

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High Alert in United States …

The state governor has put a high alert and tightening security in all public places. While Boston may be open, it will not be business as usual.

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Prayers to those hurt …



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