Plan what happen to your gmail / Google data after you die?

Be careful what you post or create online as it will stay online in most cases. My secondary school class website ( is still being seen online even though, to be honest, i have totally forgotten what is the login to that account and never been using it for more than a decade!


Plan what will happen to your data after life …

Announced on Google’s blog by Product Manager Andreas Tuerk on Thursday, the tool is called Inactive Account Manager.

[quote](You have to love the humility: “Not a great name, we know,” Tuerk writes. The Googlers could have had a field day with the name, but discretion, obviously, won the day. One commenter’s suggested name: “My Will.” Better, and still classy!)[/quote]


Where do you go to set this feature?

The Inactive Account Manager is located on the Google Account settings page, under the “Account Management” choice in the “Account” tab.


There, you can tell Google what to do with your Gmail messages and data from other Google services if your account becomes inactive for any reason.

One choice is to have your data deleted after periods of three, six, nine or 12 months of inactivity.

Another option is to pass on data from some or all of these services to your designated beneficiaries:

  • +1s
  • Blogger
  • Contacts and Circles
  • Drive
  • Gmail
  • Google+ Profiles
  • Pages and Streams
  • Picasa Web Albums
  • Google Voice
  • YouTube

Before Google pulls the plug on your data, it will first warn you by sending a text message to your cellphone and email to the secondary address you’ve provided.

Let me know what you think of Google’s new feature – wonder if Facebook would ever come up with such feature as well 🙂




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