The Love/Hate Affair – XiaXue

I don’t really care about what XiaXue writes or what is going on about her simply because i find a blog is full of rants, probably some kiddy fights between other bloggers (telling the whole world who is better or who is greater / prettier) and really it will be a waste of my precious 5-10 mins reading a lengthy post which something can be concluded in just 2mins (some people praises how interesting she writes – mostly women). Other than that, she does the typical advertorials from time to time, doing that same old trick of a lengthy post of how the day went and how she got into what she is doing and finally the name of the product – totally nothing wrong with that. Being a geek, i rather would like everything summed up in a table format and the values in it to deliver the message – save the space. But hey, that’s the exact reason why i don’t read about her or her blog (atleast not before today), in other words, the blog is not my taste or something i find resourceful at all thus i edited my /etc/hosts to some like this “ xiaxue” – period.


I cant help but to notice … !

Lately there have been a couple of post around about her getting her newborn (i dont even know she was pregnant or got married in the first place until recently). Some of the post are nice comments about her having a newborn – how cute the baby looks …yada yada yada… some were nasty ones, so nasty that she had to put this up on her facebook – screenshot below:


There is also a couple of re-blog over the Singapore blogosphere on what it seems like a satirical blog post about Xiaxue deserving respect. I was fairly amused on how much attention and the mix response she have. She must be one of the most controversial celebrity Singapore ever have – oh yeah, she was considered Singapore’s celebrity somewhat which i have yet to digest that. If a magazine ever covers her, it will always be about how much she is worth, the recent one of course, shifted to her newborn, see for yourself:


Her Acclaimed 50,000 readers per day

First of all i wonder how many of these were actually readers who reads her post or how many haters who are just there to troll or probably just passer-by (like me) who rather not bothered to read all that lengthy junk (to my personal opinion atleast). For a 50,000 reads per day, that doesnt seem to be having much comments or replies to her post if you all ever notice – why?. I don’t know, you tell me 🙂 !

Let me share mine though far from hers 🙁 …



Do I love or hate XiaXue?

Neither. I just find her writings are just junks – neither fun, informative nor productive to read. I cannot say much about the rest of the 50,000 readers per day though, what is your say? (annoyingly my Firefox crashed on me at this paragraph of writing, the thunder roared loudly …Draft saved at 8:09:07 pm. Last edited by Hasbullah Ali on April 13, 2013 at 8:02 PM … )


Continuing my auto saved draft …

Draft saved at 8:11:07 pm. Last edited by Hasbullah Ali on April 13, 2013 at 8:02 PM – yeah i decided to shutdown my laptop and stay offline for awhile until the thunder and lightning settled down a bit – Singapore has one of the most deadliest lightning strikes not to mention all that ultra volts to shock your power sockets. Sometimes you just wonder why your PC wont switch on, just check your power sockets, those might be the culprits.

Back to our XiaXue topic then …

As i mentioned, i neither love or hate XiaXue. In other words, i prefer tech or informative blogs like,, etc. That doesn’t mean i do not read local (Singaporean) blogs though. I do once in awhile checked out (Singaporean Geeky Blogger), (Former Singapore beauty Queen), though i could not remember much about other blogs given the little time i spent reading blogs and trying out new programs, servers and proof-of-concepts of anything that is technology related.


Leave XiaXue Alone or Simply Strip Her Offline … duh!

To those who knows what is IRC, remember those days where you see people getting “connection reset by peer” or “broken pipe” or similar exit messages other than “quit” – those are normally unintended exits where that person gets a nuke or DDOS. So to those non-techies, just leave her alone if you can’t do anything to her, stop hogging her blog with hate comments because she just loves it anyways – she is thick skinned (believe many would agree). She reminds me of IRC days where people would come and make whole bunch of noise, talking great about themself yet in real life there are practically not as great and they forgotten he/she is not alone in this world who is capable of doing many more magnificent things whether spotted / appreciated or acknowledged.

So to the techy ones, let me remind you that she was once hacked quite badly – like literally stripped her off from her blog and email – in other words kept her mouth shut for quite awhile – at least for 3 days base on this blog post – xiaxue_ My blog got hacked (pdf) and this blog – Everyone’s reading it._ I can go down, but I get up again, YOU’RE NEVER GONNA BRING ME DOWN (pdf) i guessed. Yet being a typical person she is, she ranted about the hacking that happened and bitch about what a loser the hacker was (i doubt she ever got to know who hacked her since she didn’t mention much about it). So yeah, the internet is inhabitant of billions of people and things (bots, drones, clones), that pretty much did not stop her so i suggest just do what i edit, null route her blog to your host files – here is howto for your windows, mac and linux respectively. Just add the entry “ xiaxue” and “ xiaxue” without quotes and you are done :)!


Oh, i just noticed, its now 40,000 as of this writing and screenshot taken, not 50,000 anymore.


*** Updates 16th April 2013 ***

I saw this on EDWM Facebook page. Cheers guys!





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