May or May Not Be Mark Zuckerberg’s Angelfire Site When He Was 15yrs Old

Someone stumble across of what it may seem to be Mark Zuckerberg’s (Facebook CEO) old Angelfire website.

[quote]Hi, my name is…Slim Shady. No, really, my name is Slim Shady. Just kidding, my name is Mark (for those of you that don’t know me) and I live in a small town near the massive city of New York. I am currently 15 years old and I just finished freshman year in high school. I have remodeled this website in an attempt that perhaps some search engine will recognize it. I am trying to promote my new AOL Program, The Vader Fader, which you can download elsewhere on this site. It is a decent fader. If you have any comments about this website, the java applets on it, or the Vader Fader which I am trying to promote, please contact me. My E-Mail address is at the bottom of this page. [/quote]

Again, it’s unconfirmed, and could be a fake, but either way, it’s pretty funny.

The site has links for: Java Drawing Tool, The Web, GPA, The Vader Fader, Pong Game, Magnetic Poetry, Molecule Viewer, The Best…, About Me, Cow-a-Bungee, Monkey Theory and Base Converter. It links to the email address: [email protected] Zuckerberg’s hometown (as listed on his real Facebook Timeline) is Dobbs Ferry, New York. Born in 1984, he would have indeed been fifteen when Eminem’s “My Name Is” came out in 1999.

Check out the homepage at


** Update 11 November 2013 **

Sally J commented that the site was taken down, here is the link from web archives ->

For  you are still keen to preview the page.

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    1. yeap apparently it was taken down after awhile i guess. Updated with the link to web archives that has a snapshot on April 4th 2013 …

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