Candy Crush Saga – Get Instant 5 Lives :)

Something i noticed while playing Candy Crush Saga. Play it on your laptop or desktop PC on Facebook and when you finish or lose all your lives, play it on your tablet or mobile and you will notice that you still have 5 lives from where you start / finished off on your laptop / desktop PC.

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Other Top 10 Candy Crush Saga Tips

Candy Crush Saga is a pretty looking game similar to Jewel Mania. A match 3 game, you match pieces of candies together and sometimes with variations of the candies, you unleash powerful blasts. The difficulty comes in the limited number of moves for each level, ticking bombs, regenerating chocolate squares which blocks new candies from cascading down, and the cupcakes which takes a few blasts to clear them away. Sometimes you may also be required to swap two power candies with each other as a requisite to clear the stage, other Candy Crush Saga stages require you to clear the way for cherries and hazelnuts to filter down to the bottom.

The power candies include, the striped candies which clears horizontally or vertically, the wrapped sweets which create a blast in a square around it, the rainbow sprinkle doughnut which clears all candies of the same kind, the jelly fish which helps to clear selected candies when triggered and the pink crusted doughnut which turns candies into striped ones.

In addition to power candies, you also have power-ups for sale to help you, including a +5 moves when you have reached the end of the level and is short of moves to finish it.

As you get further ahead in this game, you will find it almost impossible to clear some stages. Therefore, to get really far in Candy Crush Saga, not only do you need plenty of time and patience, you would also need a deep pocket to purchase add ons to help you in your game.

Here are my 10 tips and cheats to play Candy Crush Saga…

Tip 1 – Stop playing this game or resist the urge to buy power ups

These add ons or power-ups mentioned above do not come cheap. Coupled with some almost impossible levels as you reach levels 100+, sometimes these power ups may not be even enough to help you clear the stage!
With this warning, you can now choose to stop playing this game altogether so as to save your heartbreak and also to preserve the health of your wallet or to continue playing at a slow progress or even remain stagnant. That is my very first and best tip I can give you for this game!

Tip 2 – Make use of the power of candies combo

Resist the urge to unleash the power candy as and when you have one. Wait for more to appear as swapping power candies with each other will release different kind of effects, you have to try to mix and match as you play along to find out which power candy will unleash which effect when swapped with another power candy.
I particularly like swapping the rainbow sprinkle with any power candy, especially rainbow sprinkle + pink crusted doughnuts combination.
Of course, rainbow sprinkle + rainbow sprinkle helps to clear every candy on the board (but not jellies which requires two blasts to clear)
Some other good combinations to bear in mind when you have the chance to unleash :-
Pink doughnuts + jelly fishes
Striped candy + wrapped candy

Tip 3 – Completing the level in minimal moves may not net you higher scores

If you are playing for high scores, if you are near to completing the level, you might want to drag the game a few more moves (if you have plenty of moves left unused) to create a few more power candies. When you finally make the finishing move, the game will unleash the remaining power candies on the board one by one and then create a power candy or jelly fish for each unused move left. Depending on the number of moves left, sometimes having too many moves left may not net you a good final score as when it comes to the final hurrah, some of the power candy effects may neutralize each other, thus preventing you from maximizing your score. This is esp true if you have more than 10 moves left.

Tip 4 – Clear chocolate squares

Chocolate squares will regenerate if you do not clear them and they can be a stumbling block if they are allowed to multiply and grow. If you are able to clear the board of all chocolate squares, they will not reappear anymore, allowing you to plan your moves in peace. However, in certain levels as you advance further, chocolate squares will regenerate no matter what, hence you still need to clear them promptly to fill your boards with as many candies as possible – more candies means more permutations to swap your candies.

Tip 5 – Clear time bombs

Don’t wait. Clear them once you have the chance. If not, you will waste your effort if one of them explode as it means the end of the game.

Tip 6 – Study the board and plan your moves

Most of the stages are limited moves based instead of time based. Hence you have all the time in the world to consider your moves. Play them carefully.
When playing levels which requires you to cascade the cherries and hazelnuts, you need to study where are the exit points at the bottom of the board and how the cascade flows so that you do not waste moves matching candies which will not bring your cherries and hazelnuts nearer to the exit at all!

Tip 7 – Use striped candies to clear out of reach tiles

Some levels require you to clear the jelly from out of reach tiles. Play your striped candies carefully, dropping them to the horizontal or vertical level in line with these out of reach places, then match them. In some instances, this could be the only way to clear these tiles, i.e. using power combos or moves.

Tip 8 – Clear liquorice and locked candies as early as possible

Use striped combos to clear rows of locked candies quickly. Clearing them will allow more candies to cascade down, otherwise your moves are limited because locked candies don’t get out of the way – they simply stay put until you unlock them by matching them in a row. Hence, clearing them will free you up and give you greater freedom and more movement choices.

Tip 9 – +5 Moves can help boost your final scores

If you have decided to spend money on Candy Crush Saga like no tomorrow, knowing that you are just a move away from finishing the level, buy a +5 move power up so that you have 5 added moves to your remaining moves. This will give you 5 additional power candies for the finale, helping you to score even more points at the last hurrah.

Tip 10 [Spoiler Alert] – Cheat with a jailbroken iphone

This is more of a cheat than a tip and therefore I will not elaborate into it too much. Therefore please read the following disclaimer….
Disclaimer : Use it at your own discretion. You are aware that you shall be fully responsible for your own actions.
1) If you just want to finish up the levels as fast as possible without regards to fair play whatsoever
2) You are lucky enough to have a jailbroken iphone
3) Go google on IAP Free and find out how to install it on your jailbroken iphone
4) Play with free unlimited power ups and cheat your way to bragging rights in Candy Crush Saga

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