Is Jollibee Halal?

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You might stumble into this page searching on google if Jollibee Fastfood is Halal in Singapore. Well at the time of writing, Jollibee is not halal even if there are some responses from fellows in Jollibee Facebook page saying it is halal (made with halal ingredients).

Do not be surprise many still do not understand completely what is considered to be Halal food. This fellow blogger @ Foodtrip from Philippines apparently given a good attempt in briefing what is Halal.

Quote from Foodtrip:

[quote]We often see food products in the supermarket tagged as “Halal” Some don’t understand what the meaning of it and others just don’t pay attention to it. But, What’s the real meaning of it?  Halal is an Arabic word which means ‘lawful, legal, licit, legitimate, permissible, allowable, permitted, allowed, admissible, authorised, unprohibited, unforbidden or unproscribed. It’s the food or drink which is permitted for consumption under the Islamic law. In short, when you see a food labeled with “Halal” it is safe and acceptable for the Muslim people.

In the Philippines, 10% or 4.5 millions are Muslims (according to Wikipedia) so it’s the right thing to know what are the Halal certified foods. Visiting a site that can be your Halal food guide like this one that I found online, can help you understand more about the belief or our Muslims friends. This site is a repository of product listings that are Halal certified. So, if your company or product is Halal-certified, then contact the site owner  and give the following information: Company Name, Your Product, Your Website Address, and Where and When Was Your Halal Certification Issued.[/quote]

However, it is not as simple. Halal food is not just about ingredients but also considerations of its process and it’s source of ingredients.

You can check at MUIS website for Halal certified list and also from a recognized (by MUIS) online directory of Halal certified food and restaurants / companies.


Anyways, people are always entitled to their own opinion. Some of the experiences of a non filipino shared on blogs who tried Jollibee and all the Jollibee hypes around the forums even in our neighbouring country.

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