What most school don’t teach – That’s Why I Quit >.< !


I was tweaking my home media server with streaming channels when i stumbled into this Youtube video with a topic “What most school don’t teach”. It caught my attention as i was a school drop-out. Check out the video below

The video cast very prominent people in various industries and people who created the popular software that is available to billions of people. You can’t deny that technology has rapidly changed our daily lives and how we lived it. The video sends a message that every school should teach their students how to code. Yes C.O.D.E – programming. Whats encouraging, even Black Eyed Peas member – William is taking coding classes :). How i wish this video was out years ago when i was still in school and show it to my teachers. My school days (in government school) was just full of what i believe not practical – that’s why one day it struck me that i need a change and i quit school. Gladly Informatics Computer School in 2000 (Informatics Campus now) – was one of the first private school in Singapore took me in and i never looked back since then.

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Video is courtesy of Code.Org

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