Dell Streak Upgrade To Gingerbread 2.3 / CM7 & Rooting

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1. All files required for this tutorial can be found here. Also there are PDF files for reference of original source of the files.

2. Windows Drivers and Tools Here. Fastboot+ADB tool here.

Summarized Quick Steps

  1. Install stock 407 recovery image using fastboot mode. Refer steps here.
  2. Copy 407 update package as /sdcard/update.pkg, copy the rest ZIP files to /sdcard/fw
  3. Boot recovery tool (volume buttons + power), update ROM to 407 stock package. Refer steps here.
  4. In fastboot mode again install CWM 6 + reboot. Similar step to step 1 however use CWM 6 .img instead. Refer steps here.
  5. In the next immediate reboot after installing CWM, do a Dell factory reset (white letters, option 1), don’t reboot
  6. Enter CWM with options 2 (install from update.pkg), do its factory reset/wipe, don’t reboot
  7. Update phone with Longhorn ZIP
  8. Install Google Apps ( and
  9. Install USSD fix (
  10. In case GTalk doesn’t have audio/video option (sorry, don’t remember if it was the case), install
  11. Root your phone easily with this
  12. Reboot (1st boot). Read important note before you do a subsequent reboot as it might automatically restore stock recovery image on 2nd boot.

Important / Must do step

Custom Recovery – Prevent Overwriting on Dell Streak

So before rebooting your system again, I did this one more thing; disabled script in /system/etc to prevent recovery overwriting.

You have many ways to do it. But this is the way I did it.

  • Enable USB debugging. (settings>applications>development).
  • Go to the DOS command again (C:\Fastboot+ADB\) and type these commands.

> adb devices
You should see some numbers. This is optional and just to check

> adb shell
Now you entered the remote shell; which is actually running in your DS

$ su
(Command to run as root. A pop up will come on DS screen asking for su permission and you should allow it. Now the prompt will change to #. If you see ‘Permission denied”, your rooting did not work and you cannot proceed )

# busybox mount -o rw,remount /system
(Mount the system with read-write permission.)

# cd /system/etc
(Change path to the location of the file. If you type ‘ls’ now, you can see a file named ‘’. The aim is to disable it by renaming)

# chmod 777
(Change permission for renaming)

# mv
(Rename the file. Now it’s done)

You may reboot the DS now.


*** Updated 2013 Feb 26 – Fix for random / constant reboot ***

For those who are facing constant / random reboot from your Dell Streak 5, i did a little bit of digging and there are quite large number of people who are facing the same issue. It is possible that you are having a wrong baseband or the kernel is sending reboots upon your 3g change. Good news is that, _n0p_ from DSC (xda developer) has come up with a fix with his ROM and Kernel.

So now, if you are from a different ROM or you followed through my guide above, it is recommended that you switch to DSC latest ROM. It comes with almost everything, list of DSC ROM features here. Good thing, it comes with the baseband fix and recovery flash fix so you do not have to follow through the recovery flash steps above when you flash to this ROM.

Download your DSC ROM Rel2 & Pdroid User (additional to the ROM) here. You can also refer to the developer’s XDA thread for the updated files if any. Put these two zip files into your SDcard and lets prepare to flash your Dell Streak 5 with steps below.

1. Download and unzip it.
2. Reboot your phone into Fastboot mode (Hold power button + camera, then tap on “Fastboot” on the white screen)
3. On your PC, in the folder, run flash.cmd (it will automatically reflash your baseband and your recovery mode to streakmod)

4. On Your Phone – After applying flash.cmd, i will reboot, now go back to fastboot mode again.

5. On Your PC – Place amss366.mbn (download here) into DSC_flashme2 folder, open your command prompt and go into that DSC_flashme2 folder and type: fastboot -i 0x413c flash amss amss366.mbn . Then type: fastboot -i 0x413c reboot
6. On Your Phone – Now go back to recovery mode (Hold Vol Up + Vol Down + Power Button, In Dell white screen go to Update.pkg …) and the new streakmod will appear.
7. On Your Phone – Now do Wipe / Factory Reset, Wipe Cache, Wipe Dalvik Cache (in advanced menu).
8. On Your Phone – Now install your DSC ROM zip and Pdroid zip.
9. On Your Phone – Once done installing, reboot to system and quickly go to recovery mode again and while on Dell white screen, do a factory reset.
10. Now you are done! Wait for it to reboot as it will take a bit of time on first boot.

I hope this will help to cut off alot of time for those Dell Streak Users who faces random or auto phone reboots. All files here are self hosted to help cut down some time for you to get everything running again. If you like it, please share this article :).


Good References

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