Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 Upgrade to Android Gingerbread 2.3.6 N Root

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Here are quick steps to upgrade your Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 from Android 2.2.1 (Froyo) to Android 2.3.6 (Gingerbread). Also after the upgrading, you can start rooting your phone with the universal root for Gingerbread. I have personally tested this upgrade method and files with a Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 (Singapore Set).


1. Install the Samsung USB drivers if you havent. Download for Windows 32bit Here or Windows 64bit Here.

2. Now download and install the ODIN software here. This software will be the tool for us to do the upgrade.

3. Download the Gingerbread 2.3.6 stock rom here & Clockworkmod Recovery (CWM) & Universal Gingerbread Root.

4. On your phone, set the “USB Debugging” mode on. On phone go to Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging

5. It is recommended to ensure that the phone is at least 70% charged, all your PC security tools disabled (Antivirus / Firewalls), and backup your data on phone and sdcard.

Upgrading from Froyo 2.2.1 to Gingerbread 2.3.6

Follow the steps below.

1. Make sure your phone is unplugged from the USB and switch it off.

2. On your phone, go to “Download Mode” by pressing and hold both volume down & home button while simultaneously press the power button. Once you see a green android mascot on screen, connect the USB to your PC.

3. Open ODIN, click OPS button and select the OPS file provided in the same directory of your ODIN.

4. Next, extract all the rar / zip file of the Gingerbread Stock Rom (S5570XWKTN_S5570OXXKTB_RST) and load the files according to the buttons “Boot Phone PDA CSC ” as seen on the screenshot below.

There will be a few things happening on your phone and it will auto reboot. You will know when its done when ODIN software indicate the upgrade is successful.

Install a custom recovery tool (Clockworkmod Recovery / CWM)

Clockworkmod Recovery or CWM is a tool we use to install and backup custom rom and also to root. We generally boot into CWM mode on your phone and perform the necessary procedures. Install CWM on your phone using the procedure below:

For the steps 4-9, there is a screenshot below.

After downloading, you can start using my little guide!

1. Power down your phone.

2. Enter download mode by pressing ‘Volume down + Home button + power button. Wait a second. After some time the screen says download.

3. Connect through USB to your PC.

4. Launch ODIN v4.38.

5. Wait for Odin to recognize your phone. (At the left, there will be a yellow box that says COM “?”, the number can be different.)

6. Select Tass_v1.0.ops by pressing the ‘OPS-button’

7. Make sure ‘One package’ is marked at the left of the window.

8. Select tass-recovery-cwm.tar with the ‘One Package-button’ at the bottom of your window.

9. Press start, wait ’till your phone reboots. Now you’ll have ClockWorkMod-recovery installed.

Rooting your new Gingerbread 2.3.6

Rooting your phone enables the application to have access to a lot of features that a non-root android phone. You can also use alot of softwares that requires a root feature. Follow through the guide below to start rooting your phone.

1. Transfer the Universal Gingerbread Root zip file into your sdcard.

 2. Power off your phone, enter into the CWM recovery mode. Enter the mode by holding Power Button + Menu / Home Button and releasing the Power Button while still pressing down Menu / Home Button.

3. On your phone (while still in recovery mode), select “Install zip from SD Card & Locate” and install the Universal Gingerbread root zip file.

4. Follow whats on screen and then “reboot to system”.

Now you are done. You have upgraded your phone to a newer firmware Gingerbread 2.3.6, install a recovery tool and rooted your phone. Many of these steps are similar to other phones and models for Android. You just need to ensure that you are getting the right files.

Other interesting things

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  1. THANKS A LOT REALLY HELPED!! but did the image really have to contain the espanol language, its okay iverall, had it changed to english,, THANKS!!! 🙂

    1. not much serious risk… there is already plenty of recovery tool in case you stucked in blank screen… i havent heard anyone bricking their phones if they follow correctly. Also there is always option to fall back to stock roms anyways using ODIN.

  2. bruv my phone stopped working because of th clockworkmod recovery!!!
    the update was awesome and it worked but the second part didnt work!!
    my phone is samsung galaxy mini!!

    plzz help

  3. My phone also stucked after updating and after i reboot,it doesnt work…it only shows the Samsung Galaxy Mini logo only,,,plz help me.

    1. If it is stuck, try and find a different kernel … re-check your steps. Describing what you done before it get stuck would help. Best source is to also look into XDA forum.

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