Root Sony Ericsson Xperia Phones Android ICS

Warning! This page is intend for informative purpose only!
Use flashtool only as last resort, (you may void your warranty!)

Flashtool is like using PC-Companion(PCC) or Sony Update Service (SUS) for MAC users Sony Bridge to flash a specific FW. It uses a .ftf file extension and works on phones with or without unlocked bootloader. It can only flash stock roms. You get into flashtool mode by turning off your phone and pressing specific hardware key button, and then connecting the USB cable to your phone. Done correctly and you should see a green light on the power.

Credits to: Bin4ry / Androxyde for Developing Flashtool (Xperia Flasher)

Flashtool v0.9.8.0 / v0.9.10.1 [Mediafire] [Windows]
Flashmode & Fastboot Driver Bundle [Mediafire] [Optional]
Setup Flashtool for Linux [Ubuntu]
Setup Flashtool for MAC
Official Sony Mobile Flashtool | for (Unlocked Bootloader)

Install Drivers

Location where you can find drivers: C:/Flashtool/drivers

Flashing Firmware [FTF]

List of FTF firmwares to download: here
copy the Firmware to C:/Flashtool/firmwares or use Drag & Drop.

Flashing Firmware [FTF] GB/ICS

See if following is been checked,
GB: Only Wipe | ICS: Wipe and “No Final Verification” for proper flash procedure. (Xperia 2011)

Fastboot is a tool you use with a command promt (cmd) on your pc. It’s only for people with unlocked bootloader. It’s used for flashing custom roms, kernels, splashscreens, custom recovery etc. everything modyfied. You get into fastboot mode by turning off your phone, then pressing the fastboot mode key button, and connecting the USB to your phone. Done correctly and you should see a blue light on the power button.

CMD line of Fastboot, not needed since Flashtool has own Fastboot Toolbox.

Flashing Kernel(Stock/Custom)

Search around on XDA or here



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