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I saw this in the news as well as around social media networks. He is still in coma and there is still hope to revive him. Please help in any amount you can as it will make a big difference even though the contribution might be small. Spread it to your friends and families.

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Any white alms/donations can now be sent to the stated POSB Savings or you may give us and email to [email protected] or PM us. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. Do send it to POSB Savings 136-51793-7. Thank you and God bless.



Born on December 4 1990, Shahril Salim grew up in eastern Singapore, went to Min Xin Primary School and later to Bishan Park Secondary School. He attended ITE College East Simei before he served his National Service in the Army.

He was the youngest from a family of 6 siblings (Sue Vehosalmi, Tini Salim, Nurlina Salim, Lisa Salim-Male, Jufri Salim), and was orphaned at the age of 9. He had it tough since he was a kid; made fun of because he came from a poor family and being overweight. He took those obstacles and hurdles as a challenge for him to prove his worth. He fell in love with football during his teens but found himself in Mixed Martial Arts soon after.

He was trained by Juggernaut Fight Club and the trainer discovered his ability in boxing. After a year, the trainer found him ready to be a professional boxer, and he could be one of the few, if not the first, Singaporean boxers who became professionals without any amateur credits under his belt.

He was given his golden opportunity to a bout on November 9 2012 at Marina Bay Sands as an undercard to Chris John’s title defense, on a big platform representing his club and Singapore, against an opponent from China. It was dream come true for him. He was so prepared for the bout. He trained every single day. He never missed his personal fitness regime just to stay in shape. All was looking good for him until the tragedy that struck him on October 28 2012.

He was enduring his group sparring session and had the upper control. He ended his sparring session and stepped out of the ring to prepare himself to go to work when he felt nauseous. He told the trainer he need to vomit. He was escorted by 2 of his fellow team mates to the restroom where he passed out.

He was rushed to Singapore General Hospital within minutes and had to undergo a brain surgery immediately; with less than 2 hours to survive. And until now, he have not regained consciousness. During his first week in ICU, he contracted pneumonia that forced him to undergo another surgery, a tracheotomy, in order to ease his plight. Currently, he is still in the acute phase and it is just the tip of the iceberg. Medical experts are conducting a thorough check on him in stabilizing his condition as he is now being suspected of having other medical complications that has arise from his traumatic brain injury.

The main purpose of this page:
1. Creating awareness of the pros and cons of contact sports of similar nature
2. To ease him through his rehabilitation programs, medical and moral support.
3. Updates of his milestones and his journey to recovery.

1. Funding efforts to assist him throughout his rehabilitation programs which could span up to 2 years or more, this includes; psychiatric help; physiotherapist session and other medical needs which we will update from time to time.
2. Personal Time. He will need a lot of help in integrating back into the society as he might lack certain skills that rendered him down.
3. Supplements eg. Omega 3, Calcium etc (upon approval from his personal doctor). **
4. Brain stimuli materials (audio visual aids etc) **
5. Rehabilitation sports equipment (hand grips, mini weights etc) **
6. Medical perishables **

** Please check with admin/ family members before contributing to ensure that we are not over-supplied.

For any other contributions besides the above, please contact us directly. We are open to ideas even how unorthodox or non-conventional it may sound.

On behalf of Shahril “The Bull” Salim, we appreciate every single contribution made towards his recovery even how small it maybe to you but it meant a lot to him. Please spread this cause around in hope that it will see him through.



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