SMRT ends trial on station announcement in Mandarin

This is very pleasing news to read. Finally the numb nuts in SMRT woke up their bloody idea to stop the annoying Mandarin station announcement which made our locals looks stupid. As much as they claimed that it is to cater for the elderly, are you seriously going to buy that bull crap coming from SMRT and whoever associated with this god damned idea? Guess what, you just wasted 3 months of tax payer’s money on your stupid programme.

Quoting from SMRT’s reply – But it said while some “have welcomed the move, others have provided various feedback and suggestions” – here is my two cents, that some you are referring to is the 60% of pappies while of course the sensible 40% new the whole propaganda of the trial and that is to support your freaking Pro China migrant workers. This is not to be racist or anything. These foreigners come to Singapore, they learn Singapore road names, stations, food, places – whatever it is and not the other way round by translating and changing our beautiful names to something insanely weird shit like “Ke Lah Mah” (Clarke Quay Station).

You guys should check out Mr Brown cool videos on this topic. And yes, screw you SMRT for another stupid move. Or wait, didnt SBS (NEL) also having the same stupid programme? Should i say screw LTA instead – scholars with pea brains!




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