102 SMRT Bus Captain (China Nationality) Went On Strike

102 Bus drivers went on strike causing some distruptions to its bus service at SMRT. I dont fully support the actions of these drivers but totally heard them. Despite the claims of both the authority and SMRT where they mentioned that there was a proper channel to convey the issue, i seriously think that it could have taken years to even see results and change. Therefore by going on strike, these drivers have really shook the attention they wanted – bravo!

There is only to a certain extend that you can squeeze humans dry. The corporate greed to perform and post profit year by year like how SMRT and SBS did really tells us that there is something really wrong with the system. In every business, there should be loses however it is obvious that the transport system has been a major income for the Singapore government to pay the fat pay cheques to its members. Singapore is being run by a government who only sees the numbers and to ensure that it gets the positive (+) signs on its annual reports. These numbers however are just on how much they make and to make the rich become richer while the poor slaves work tirelessly, squeezed to their ends.

There are more issues on the ground other than the strike that happened resulted from unfair remunerations and schemes. What about the malays being cornered to the end, not given the rights to pursue in many areas especially in the public servant sector? How long more will issues like this being kept in the dark?

To my personal opinion, Singapore employers failed to realize that rewarding their workers with better remunerations would in return reward themselves the business growth they wanted. These employers are so shortsighted that they only bother about the getting the positive numbers in their financial reports failing to see that bad remunerations equals to bad quality and in return bad business growth in the long run. Do you ever wonder why Google office in Singapore had their own chefs cooking for all their staffs and the amount they spent on staff benefits, efforts to maintain condusive environment and rewarding staffs generously through various schemes?

Can you really name one Singapore born company that maintains high quality efforts to reward, maintain open standards without prejudice? The job advertisements in Singapore are even more racist than ever such as openly posting “Chinese preferred” etc! Looking at things, it will one day get out of control. Looking at things, history will repeat itself in one way or another unless somebody do something about it.




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