Singapore soon to be “Chinapore”

Have you recently notice that SMRT too started the Mandarin version of every single stops? In my opinion, it made local Singaporean looked dumb – whether you are Chinese or other races. Why the hell do you need a Mandarin version of every stops for?! Didn’t all of us learn English in school?

I have a gutt feeling that we will soon receive an influx of China immigrant again to Singapore therefore everywhere around Singapore is catering to these Mandarin ONLY speaking people – sadly. Recent speech by the PM Lee Hsien Loong (PAP Seminar last Saturday) seems to be very contradicting with what actually is happening out here. So much for policies to be done within international context and yet to be a decisive government. What is really happening on the ground are changes that caters to Mandarin only speaking people – with the Chinese sign boards for directions, Mandarin speaking only candidates and nowadays MRT stops that repeats in Mandarin for EVERY FUCKING STOP – kinda annoys me really. I absolutely dont think any of my local Chinese friends are that dumb not to know what stop it is or where it is in English as it already was originally. Remember the news from with regards to China’s Communist Party expressed that it could follow example of how to run China with Singapore’s style of authoritarianism policies. If the link given is too lengthy, check out the summary i highlighted from that article here.


Here is a good blog about Chinapore.





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