Check out the Human Living Dolls

What they do can be truly amazing. To be a living Doll look alike. With super perfect waist line, glassy big round eyes, superb hair and very smooth skin – i guess every girl’s dream to be one of them. However with all that perfections, they do receive negative comments from netizens – calling them fake, photoshoped, etc.

Recent headlines made by Valeria Lukyanova where she was flown to U.S just for a photoshoot to proof her existence. Valeria Lukyanova is one of the few yet uptrending Ukranians that goes to the extreme to make themselves look like a living barbie doll. Valeria reportedly spent $500,00 on surgeries to achieve the perfection of a living doll. Twenty-one-year-old Lukyanova refers to herself as “most famous woman of the Russian-speaking Internet” and often uses the alias “Amatue,” which means sun goddess.  She hails from the Moldavian city of Tiraspol, and currently has 466 videos uploaded to her YouTube account with over 16 million views and 535,000 Facebook fans. She was early to the living doll movement.

Check out the popular living dolls on the net. And yes they are real!


Valeria Lukyanova
Official Website:

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Dakota Rose

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Venus Palermo
Official Website:

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Anastasiya Shpagina

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Now definitely you agree with me looking at the pictures, you probably kept telling yourselves that those are fakes and photoshoped. These are just the few list of girls who have gone to the extreme to look themselves like a doll, maintain and spend their entire life looking beautiful. Yes they are at their tender age where some sociologist are expressing concern of child exploitations and trend of pre-teens on Youtube.

The amazing things human will go for to achieve beyond the imaginary heh? Who is the prettiest among them all anyways?

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