Sex blogger – Vivian Lee Apologises To Family On Facebook

After all the spotlights and attention, it appears that Vivian Lee seems to have regret her actions and apologises to family on Facebook – as reported by Yahoo news.

Seems like Vivian is in regret while Alvin Tan is enjoying all the attentions he is getting. I wonder who is managing the twitter account Alvivi Swingers – Alvin or Vivian. But recent tweet replies seems to suggest that it was Alvin who is running the show while Vivian seems to be on the side of the road.

Looking at the twitter post and reply from the screenshot above, i really think that Alvin is looking for ways to actually make full use of this opportunity and attention that he is getting. Who knows one day he could be actually be a celebrity swingers organizer or host, heh 😛

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