“7K Per Month Cabbie” saga lashes back at Straits Times

mr hasnor hashim cab driver who earns 7k

mr hasnor hashim cab driver who earns 7k

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More recent updates from Singapore 1st via their hardwarezone thread. It seems like our poor Mr Hasnor have been a victim of media fraud. The cruelty of a desperate Singapore journalist to hit the front page twisting every sentence and word of an interview, this could jolly be a lesson learn for anyone.

In short, he was never informed that he would be in front of the headlines with a title “$7000 A MONTH” and best of all, the journalist emailed him to stay low. So SPH, is this one of your standard operating procedure? Asking someone to stay low while he was slayed by the attention and spotlight resulted from bad press from the media? I really would recommend Mr Hasnor to press charges against Straits Times for the damages that they have done.

Now we all know that we should not believe what is printed on the newspaper! It is all full of propaganda, political twist, etc.

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Here’s the comment from Singaporean1st in HWZ:

ST reporter and ST Senior Editors FAILED to verify the details before going front page with all the cool-story and now try to taichi the blame to the taxi driver and others..
Epic Wayang + Own Goal Level = Over +9000~

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