The Cheating Girlfriend Signs

the cheating girlfriend signs

This would be an interesting share. Often we under estimate our partner’s ability to bluntly lie and show you no sign of guilt. Whether it is all out of love or lust, there are many reasons that lay behind lies. Often the simplest reason would make them feel it’s okay or it’s alright to lie. Often they would call this a “white lie“.

Here are a few signs that you might want to look out. Finding out if you women is cheating on you can be a really tough task. Unlike men who could be easily blown out of cover or make a rush act to just open up and let the partner decide the next course of action, women are could resist that temptation and hide things very well – yes very well, it could be years before you even see the first sign.

the cheating girlfriend signs
the cheating girlfriend signs

But guys, these are just signs and should never be used as a determining factors that your partners are unfaithful to you, so be really careful with your approach:

You become Irrelevant

She nags to you for almost everything. She compares you to another man, she keeps bragging about how happy another couple are. She doesn’t place the same importance on what you think and what you do.

She is secretive about her schedule

She may claim to no longer have time for any extracurricular activities with you and yet she has one foot out the door the minute one of her girlfirends calls. She may break the cycle of weekly meet ups, hanging out with you at the usual spots – far too often. She claims that she is too tired with work and/or school and never mention about making up for the time with you.

Lost of sexual interest

This may simply be a peck on the cheeks at random times, hugs and kisses. She might have stop doing that for sometime. Women are creatures with deep emotional thoughts and gestures, this is one of their weakness too as they might be foiled into confusion and not able to react appropriately to your gestures in return.

She puts more effort into looking sexy

You may like her just the way she is, but that won’t stop her from trying to dazzle her new fling. Just as you tried to impress each other at the beginning of your relationship, she’ll try to impress her new flame with a sudden urge to improve her style, change her makeup and alter her physical appearance for the new man in her life. So, while her desire to look sexier is one thing, not caring about your opinion on the matter is quite another.

She has a mysterious friend

A telltale sign that your woman is cheating arises when a mysterious friend inches his way into the picture. Whether it’s someone she claims is a coworker or an old friend from way back, she keeps this friendship under wraps and is hesitant to share any general details about him, much less introduce you. And it doesn’t take a Ph.D. to figure out why.

She deflects simple questions

You should be suspicious of your girlfriend when she refuses to answer the simplest and fairest of questions or answers questions only after repeating them back to you, which usually indicates a mind that’s searching for a lie. Be wary of times when, rather than reveal that she got home at midnight, she begrudgingly asks, “Why do you want to know what time I left the coffee shop?” If she gets defensive about disclosing information that she used to volunteer without hesitation, she may be hiding something or someone and it’s one of the surest sings she’s cheating on you.

She detaches herself from your family

She no longer wants to attend to your family functions or hang out with your friends. This sign maybe be indicative of cheater’s remorse on her part which means that she is likely to feel guilty about cheating. The less she immerses herself in your circles (family and friends), the less mental anguish she will have to endure.

Extra niceness

This may be an extreme situation, but sometimes when girlfriends are guilty of cheating, they often try and go out of their way to be nice. Beware of such occurrences and try and assess the reason behind the extra sugary coating of love.


There are a long list of signs that could be a tell tale. Below are bunch of good and credible reference that you can read from. I hope this share wont cause much stir into your relationships. Just take these points as an advise and signs however never go out there to your women’s face and start the accusation. These signs are never meant to be used as a determining factor, remember that.

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