R.I.P Alvin Lee / Vivian Sumptuous Erotica Blog?

Goodbye Sumptuous Erotica Blog? Here is an official tweet from the sex blogging duo

Alvin and Vivian@AlviviSwingers

Unfortunately, our open sex blog is probably history for good. Not succumbing to moral pressure, just protecting ourselves legally. 🙂

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He recently slams Channel News Asia for not compensating them during an interview request. So, all the 5 mins of fame is going to be finally over? I wonder what future will hold for them. Maybe they could have done better being in the West and try to be an awarded pornstar. I am sure they wont face all these complicity in the west. Time to migrate Alvin / Vivian?

Ever since my follow up about their Sumptuous Erotica Blog, it all has been a say without actually doing it. I find that both of them are actually fickle minded. News reported that Alvin actually enjoyed the publicity, he even promised that there will be more updates and will continue producing their videos and distribute it over their blog. Things are falling apart for them right now with Tumblr closing their blog account, NUS reviewing their case, officials from both countries (Singapore / Malaysia) are also looking into legal issues that they gotten themselves into.

Was that all worth it? Be smart, next time, host your content on countries that accepts such content, do not declare where the video is created, it is known that cyber laws does not apply in all countries dude, haven’t you research on that?

Well, adious Sumptuous Erotica Blog, till next time.


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