China Communist Party journal suggest it could learn from Singapore’s PAP

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Weeks ahead of the Communist Party’s once-in-a-decade reshuffle, the party’s leading policy journal has called on leaders to look to Singapore for an example of how to run the country.

The commentary in yesterday’s Study Times – run by the Central Party School under Xi Jinping, who takes over as the party’s general secretary next month – said it could learn much from the more liberal version of authoritarianism practiced by Singapore’s People’s Action Party (PAP).

“Since 1968, the People’s Action Party has won consecutive elections and held state power for a long time, while ensuring that the party’s high efficiency, incorruptibility and vitality leads Singapore in attaining an economic leap forward,” said the article by Song Xiongwei, a Chinese Academy of Governance lecturer.

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So much for democracy if an external source acknowledge Singapore’s authoritarian style of governing sees it as a perfect system to fit into their communist style of governing. It’s a shame.

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