#bloggers – Dont just put ads, earn from your link references / contents

There are dozens of method to earn online. One of the common ones is through blogging. You might be blogging regularly or during your free times. In a blog content, there will definitely be external links to websites and sources that you get the materials from. Why not earn clicks from these materials.

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Earn from either Linkbucks or ADF.Ly. These are url shorterner provider that shortens your link like Bit.Ly which is the most commonly used ones. Remember to read their TOS so that you do not lose your account due to violations.


Earning From ADF.Ly Is Easy On WordPress Platforms

Adf.ly has a wordpress plugin that is very easy and straight forward to setup on WordPress bloggin platform. Here is their straight forward point form TOS.

General Rules – These apply to all linking methods:

  1. Do not advertise AdF.ly links directly on any form of traffic exchange / PTC website.
  2. Do not place AdF.ly links anywhere that may contain adult material (including advertising).
  3. Do not shrink any website URLs that contain adult material.
  4. Do not offer any incentive for a visitor to click the AdF.ly link, including gifts/points/cash.
  5. Do not ask/beg people to click on an AdF.ly link simply to generate you revenue, they must want to visit the destination website.
  6. Do not create ‘redirect loops’ with similar services (or AdF.ly) to generate revenue.
  7. Do not create spam with AdF.ly links anywhere, including forums / chat / comments / blogs.
  8. Do not participate in click ‘rings’ where you click on AdF.ly links in return for others to click yours.
  9. Do not open an AdF.ly link in a popup / popunder or iframe.
  10. Only the AdF.ly link must be opened when a user clicks on the link. No other links / windows must be opened.
  11. It is permitted to automatically redirect to an AdF.ly link only with a HTTP Redirect (unless using one of our preapproved scripts, available on the AdF.ly website). JavaScript redirect or meta-refresh is not allowed.
  12. We recommend the following services if you wish to redirect, Bit.ly, Goo.gl and tinyurl.com
  13. If redirecting to an AdF.ly link, the original link for the purposes of this agreement is classed as the ‘AdF.ly link’.
  14. The only legitimate way to open an AdF.ly link is with a mouse click, on the actual link. *
  15. You may click on your own AdF.ly links 1 time to test them. You may not create links solely to ‘test’. **
  16. We reserve the right to not pay for advert views generated by the owner of the AdF.ly account, on their own links.

* Does not apply to the links / views generated by the ‘Website Entry Script’

** Does not apply to the links / views generated by the ‘Website Entry Script’ and ‘Full Page Script’.

Extra Rules for the ‘Website Entry Script’

  1. Do not advertise any webpage containing our ‘Website Entry Script’ directly on any form of traffic exchange / PTC website.
  2. Do not place the ‘Website Entry Script’ on any website that contains adult material.
  3. Do not offer any incentive for a visitor to click the a link that contains the ‘Website Entry Script’, including gifts/points/cash.
  4. Do not ask/beg people to visit a URL containing the ‘Website Entry Script’ simply to generate you revenue.

Create a Social Network!

Earn From Linkbucks

While Adf.ly has a working and updated plugin for WordPress, Linkbucks does not. Therefore it could be quite tricky for a newbie to actually insert the script into their wordpress templates. I will try to bring up some guide soon to share on how you can automatically change all outgoing links from your blog to Linkbucks to earn from those clicks. Linkbucks however has the highest payout rates to the publisher as compared to other service in the market. I will share more on how to earn online in time soon with real time data that i have collected and tested.




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