The Buzz Over M1’s “Pinoy Talent Festival”

I was about to take a nap when i saw this shared post originally from HardwareWare Zone EDMW Facebook Page.

Have a look yourself and tell me whats wrong with it that made those people really mad?


To my personal view, there is nothing wrong with it.

Firstly, most of the comments made via that shared post are pinning down the usage of “Social Integration Project” and are even making a fuss over the fact that its all pinoys in the poster. What they might be missing is that it is a PINOY Talent FESTIVAL all together.

Why would people start lashing out angry comments about the poster when they have every right to celebrate their own festival. The word “Social Integration Project” could solely means that it is an integration effort within / between their own communities of newcomers and the new residence (PR) in Singapore.

Maybe we all can take reference at on Singapore’s List Festivals

And probably here is a quick table to show you the festivals that we actually have in Singapore – courtesy of

MonthFESTIVAL 2011
3-5 FebruaryChinese New Year
22 AprilGood Friday Easter
17 MayWesak Day
09 AugustNational Day
30 AugustHari Raya Puasa
SeptemberMoon Cake – Lantern Festival
OctoberFestival of the Hungry Ghosts 
26 OctoberDeepavali
October/NovemberBirthday of the Monkey God Navarathiri
October/NovemberFestival of Nine Emperor Gods
6 NovemberHari Raya Haji 
December  25Christmas


And what do you got to say about the comments in the screenshot below?


Sometimes the fingers are quicker to type and click than the brain can analyze isn’t it?




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