MDA Banned Local Singapore Movie “Sex Violence Family Values” Same Day Amy Cheong Was Sacked

So, if the case of Amy Cheong did not arise – would the MDA who initially given rating M18 license to “Sex.Violence.FamilyValues.” screen the movie to local cinemas here in Singapore?

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Synopsis – First-time director Ken Kwek tells three iconoclastic stories in a short film that pitches political correctness out the window of Singapore mainstream cinema. A kindergarten principal finds three morbid cartoons drawn by her docile star pupil. An actor struggles with his role in a post-modern ‘romance porno’. A middle-aged nightclub bouncer faces off with a rebellious teenage stripper.


Official site regards with the timeline and the ban


Wondering if there is the unofficial release of this movie somewhere on the internet? Anyone?


*** Updates 2012 Oct 17 ***

Lets vote for the movie to get it screen in cinemas. After all we wouldn’t want creativity to be murdered. It is a parody after all. There was an appeal by the producers to MDA to lift the ban.



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  1. Oi… nobody would actually wanna watch this Parody local made Singapore movie…. you people from stone age, boring citizens issit? Cannot appreciate some humour and creativity ? Please Like the page for those who wanna watch !

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