Goodbye go – All the best Zul / EB in your future Endeavors

Its been awhile that ever really got time to surf and check out fun stuff online. I highly regard Zul from as a very talented Singaporean Malay guy. He actually wrote up scripts, songs, create the cartoons and sends the message across in a style of his own which i believe is openly accepted by many as his cartoons are very creative, very funny and direct to the point.

As a fan of yours, i really wish all the best in your future endeavors, if opportunities in the future permits, we should work together on fun projects like yours where i believe i could offload you in some of the task you do.

Below are some of his cartoons – From his youtube channel

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All the best Zul and if you ever intend to keep alive, i am willing to offer the sponsorship for both hosting and domain! Do contact me via FB, Twitter or Email – Cheers!

From a Fan of EB /

Quote From EB / Zul’s last post @

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Dear Happeepill fans,

I don’t know how to start this but I am gonna go straight to the point. Remember the Ezines I started selling a month ago? The idea was to sell something on Happeepil so the site would have some serious income coming in, so it can compensate the time spent on making content.

Here’s the thing. Even though there are buyers and I am tremendously grateful for their support, unfortunately, the sale for the Ezines are lower than I expected. Mind you, I did not set a bar too high. I set a very practical, very modest sales target. All I want to see is a spark. A potential. Something that tells me, “The sales are low but I can see there is a need for these ezines. I just have to work harder and churn more cartoons.”

Unfortunately, the sales was in the ridiculously-low, no-point-to-continue levels. D:

My intention for starting Happeepill have always been to monetize on something I love doing. This is never a website for me to just showcase my work because cartoon production take 3 weeks chunks off my life each time I start working on one. This whole Ezine-experiment was to test the Singapore market.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am not one bit pissed off if you did not buy. Because I have heard fans saying that they have strict parents, they have no ATM card, some fans wanna pay cash etc. And there are so many of my friends who kept telling me that this part of the world are not really too keen with paying for online digital content thing. I am totally aware of that. I went forward because I want to see it for myself.

So to cut the story short, I just want to say it simply…. due to poor response to the ezines, I have no choice but to shut down. :’(

This is not a decision I take lightly Happeepill fans. It took awhile for me to digest the poor sales news. And after that, I immediately went into reflection mode. And I realize, the best step for me is to move on.

But hey I wasn’t sad or anything. Okay, I lie. I was not myself for a couple of days. But it’s not that bad. I feel way better now. is not exactly my first biz idea that did not work. LOL. The iPhone project I did with a friend some time back… now THAT was a huge disaster. So I am kinda getting immune to things not working out, moving on and searching for yet another idea for me to tinker on.

I have gained valuable experience from this whole episode. If it had not been for Happeepill, I would never dabble with WordPress, manage a membership site, collect payments via Paypal etc. All these things are new to me, so this experience will prove crucial if I ever want to start a new website again. I would so do everything different if I start the 2nd time round.

And of course another thing I got from Happeepill, are the fans. And among these fans, I got to know some special people. I am not going to name names.. so you know who you are. :)

Okay before this post gets all sappy and sh*t, I want to inform you guys of some immediate changes.

1) If you noticed, the last interesting pic I posted is on June 15th. The whole site will be officially shutdown on Jan 2013. That is when the web hosting will expire. So that means, I will keep the site on dormant mode.. meaning, the website will be up but there will be no more new content.

2) I have removed “Ah leong dreams”, “Gurdeep”, “Robot War” and “So you want to be a caveman” cartoons from the site. I will transfer the remaining cartoons to Youtube, in time, so you can still watch the cartoons even after the site is gone.

3) I will delete my Twitter and Facebook Happeepill accounts. Most of the time,I don’t really know what to post anyway.

4) Happeepill at gmail .com will be abandoned in time. That email addy is clogged with Happeepill related stuff. I will no longer use that email address.

5) The Happeepill Ezines will no longer be for sale. Having it open for sale, will require me to check the Happeepill gmail email address daily. And that is something I no longer wish to do. Those who have bought the Ezines will of course still have access till the website expires on Jan 2013.

I guess that is pretty much it. I hope I did not leave anything out.

Lastly, I wanna say a proper goodbye to my fellow fans :) Thank you for your support all these years and it’s nice to know there are people out there that like my stuff :D You guys take good care of yourself and don’t be rude to your parents.

I’m gonna leave you guys with a “Farewell song” I wrote. No cartoons though cause those take too much time. :P Just subtitles and me screaming on the mic. Enjoy Happeepill fans.

I’m gonna miss you :’)

Evil Bunny is dead,

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