Eating Human Fetus / Unborn / Aborted Child

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Some might heard of this, eating human fetuses is a delicacy in China. They believe that it is good for their skin, kidney and general health and the fact that China have a 1 child policy, the abortion rates in china are tremendously high – a whopping 16 Million in 2009 and have been rising ever since.

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They can make your skin smoother, your body stronger and are good for kidneys. When I was in an army hospital in Jiangti province, I often brought fetuses home. They were pink, like little mice, with hands and feet. Normally, I buy some pork to make soup (with the fetuses added). I know they are human beings, and (eating them) feels disgusting. But at that time, it was already very popular.”

A Mr. Cheng from Hong Kong claims he has been eating fetus soup for more than six months. To begin, the man, in his 40’s, would make the trip to Shenzhen frequently for business and was introduced to fetuses by friends. He says he met a number of professors and doctors in government hospitals who helped him buy the fetuses. “At first, I felt uncomfortable, but doctors said the substances in fetuses could help cure my asthma. I started taking them and gradually, the asthma disappeared,” Cheng said.

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Question that i asked myself is after reading and seeing all those materials, where is the morality of these people?


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